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As we're getting into the summer months, and starting to enjoy a bit of sun (yes as UK dwellers we aren't that blessed, but we do have the occasional good days) we thought we would blog about solar power and some of the more interesting products that we compare prices on.

I'm sure most of us have owned something solar powered before whether it be a calculator or a watch, but things have progressed a lot since the old school Casio's.

Published: 2011-06-15 03:04:58
Welcome to the very first DealClick blog post, What!!! You maybe thinking, its 2011 how can this be the first blog post from one of the pioneers of the online space, having started online price comparison shopping way back in 2001!!

Well truth be told we've been writing online articles for years in the form of our buyer guides, and we will continue to-do so, but with our blog we will aim to bring to you tip bits and other cool stuff that just doesn't fit within our existing buyer guide article format.

So with a million ideas of what to write about, today we're going to focus on one simple topic, Lime Green, a favourite colour of ours for many years, and as you can see from our site design, something we're not abash to using liberally around the site.

Published: 2011-06-14 04:50:55

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