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3 Ways to Spot a Fish at the Poker Table

Any time you play poker, online or live, you must be able to identify the weakest players. Usually, you can spot them within an hour or so if you are observant. However, when multi-tabling online or chatting to other players at the casino it can be challenging spotting the fishes at the table. That’s why in this post we’re going to share three ways you can spot the table fish next time you play.

1] Entering the pot with an open call

It doesn’t matter what poker school you get education from; they will universally agree that limping in poker is bad. The reason is simple – you are inviting other players to abuse you. Who wants to be abused and raised at the table? Nobody. That’s why when you see a player enter the pot by open calling, they are likely to be a fishy poker player.

2] Sitting with less than a full stack

This is a trickier tip but is true nine times out of ten. Whenever you see a poker player that is buying in with a short stack – they unlikely to be a winning player. More often than not, it’s a fishy poker player that is buying in low so they can reload if they lose a big pot. This is a nervous tactic that fishes use that rarely work. Think about it, an expert player is likely to sit with 100 big blinds or more at a cash game to maximise their talent. Rarely will a shark sit short stacked, they will reload and play with deeper stacks as it favours them. The reverse is true too.

3] Erratic betting style

Most poker players have their own brand they employ and stick with it. They will be consistent in their sizing and look to accomplish what they want through their betting patterns. A fish doesn’t give lots of thought to their bet sizes and what it does. They don’t know it affects odds. Consequently, their bets will all over the place. Sometimes they will overbet the pot other times they will put in a minimum bet. This is a very easy way to spot a fish at the table and something to watch out for when you play.

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