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Craps cheating doesn’t get quite the same kind of attention that cheating at poker or cheating at blackjack gets. In fact, many people think that counting cards at blackjack is cheating, when really it’s just thinking while you’re playing. And how could thinking while you play be cheating?

But cheating at craps has happened in the past, even though casinos have a lot of methods and procedures in place to prevent craps cheating. We don’t encourage anyone to try to cheat craps. Cheating at any kind of gambling is illegal, and not in a minor way either. You don’t want to spend time in prison because you wanted to learn how to cheat in craps. That’s just dumb.

One other subject people looking for “craps cheat” related phrases might be interested in is “craps cheat sheets”. We’ve included some information on that subject below too.

Cheat Craps

Why would anyone try to cheat at craps? That’s honestly a silly question, since whenever money is involved, someone is always going to want to get their share of it. Even if it means they have to cheat to do so. Here’s the thing to remember about cheating at craps in Vegas or other casino destination:

Cheating at craps is illegal.

So this page is not about how to cheat at craps from the perspective of being a how-to guide. It’s an entertainment/education piece for people who are interested in what some other people might be willing to do if they’re really not risk averse at all. My dad taught me that cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. Not even craps cheater, and not craps winners either.

How to Cheat in Craps

One way to cheat in a craps game is to steal someone’s chips when they’re not looking. That’s not a particularly exciting idea is it? We hope your answer is a firm “no”. And when you think about it, anyone cheating at craps is doing just that: taking someone else’s chips. (In this case, the casinos’.) But from the perspective of being a well-educated player, you would be wise to display caution when dealing with someone who’s hanging around the rails of a craps table not playing and not betting.

How to Cheat at Craps

Most people who learn how to cheat at craps do something a little more advanced. They tamper with the dice. Slipping loaded dice into a craps game can be an effective way to cheat IF you don’t get caught. There’s just one problem. You will get caught. Almost assuredly.

Loaded dice normally have rounded edges to ensure that they’re more likely to land on certain numbers. Casino dice are red and translucent, so you can see the insides of the dice. If dice were weighted somewhere on the inside, you’d be able to see the dice.

If at any time the dice leave the table, expect a lot of attention from the craps pit crew, and you can also expect some new casino-provided dice to play with. The chances that someone dropped the dice on the floor just so that they could slip in some loaded dice are just too great.

Craps Cheat Sheets

A craps cheat sheet is a piece of paper which describes the different craps bets and their payoffs. You can find free craps cheat sheets online doing a Google search, but we don’t recommend using one. Just take one of the casino classes on how to play craps and get in there and play. You’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

Most of the bets at the craps table are pretty bad. You don’t need a craps cheat sheet to be able to remember which bets to avoid. Just learn the few bets which offer a low house edge and stick with those bets.

Casino Cheating Craps

Casinos Cheating at Craps

Some people wonder if a casino is cheating at craps. Most likely they’re not cheating. The laws regarding gambling cheating are even more strict as they relate to operators of gambling establishments. And the simple answer to the question is another question: Why would casinos be cheating at craps?

They already have the odds in their favor. Casino craps is a negative expectation game. Casino don’t have to cheat at craps to win. The math will make the casinos winner day in and day out all day long every day of the year. That’s how casino gambling works.

A final bit of advice: don’t be a craps cheat. It’s lame, and it’s not worth it. Even if you’re playing in a private game, the best you can hope for is getting your ass kicked.


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